International Student Tutoring Program

In Spring 2022, Kearney International Center (KIC) and the Center for Academic Success (CAS) launched International Student Tutoring Program (ISTP). The program provides free tutoring services to international students across numerous major courses in different academic programs and disciplines. Tutors will provide individual and small-group tutoring sessions.

While international students benefit from other tutoring services offered on campus, ISTP offers services in multiple locations. International student tutors can relate to students and address international students' continued challenges with language barriers, accent issues, and linguistic, racial, and cultural biases. Hence, ISTP aims to provide an inclusive, positive, and nondiscriminatory tutoring environment where international students receive academic support from tutors who craft their tutoring sessions based on the international student population's unique needs. 

What subjects can I get help in?

  • Mathematics (098, 112, 113, 115, 121) 
  • Chemistry (100, 104, 106,191, 201, 111) 
  • Biology (100, 105, 106)  
  • ESL Writing and Speaking 

When & Where can I receive help?

Spring 2022 Tutoring Schedule

Who can I contact for more information?

If any students need further information about ISTP, don't hesitate to contact Dr. Padam Chauhan at or 507-389-1585.  

If any students need to schedule an appointment, they can call 507-389-1791 or stop by ML 116.