If you would like your spouse (wife or husband) or unmarried, minor child under the age of 21 to join you while you study at Minnesota State Mankato, they must apply for an F-2/J-2 visa.  Children born in the U.S. are not considered dependents in this context and you must be legally married in order for your spouse to be considered a dependent. 

Please provide the following documents to the Kearney International Center so we may process your dependent I-20/DS-2019: 

  1. F-2/J-2 Dependent Responsibility form 
  2. Copy of passport biographical page  
  3. Proof of funding ($6,500 for the first dependent, $4,000 for each additional) 
  4. Copy of marriage license for spouse, copy of birth certificate for child 

Please allow five business days for processing. 

F-2 Dependents 
Employment is not allowed under any circumstances for F-2 dependents.  The spouse of an F-1 student may not engage in full-time study and the F-2 child may only engage in full-time study for K-12.  F-2 dependents may study part-time in a SEVP-certified school.  F-2 spouse or child who wishes to study full-time other than as described above must change their status to F-1.  

J-2 Dependents 
Employment is possible for J-2 dependents.  There are no restrictions on studying for J-2 dependents.