International Travel Updates

As per the updated guidance document from Chancellor Malhotra (March 1, 2022) the following is in effect until further notice.

Student International Travel

Starting on May 1, 2022, decisions about all student travel, including education abroad programs, will be made on university campuses to Level 1 and 2 countries based on the US Department of State Travel Advisory. For destinations listed at a level 3 or above (see definition), campus requests for student travel to international locations must be submitted for review to the Minnstate system.

These requests on our campus are made through the Center for Global Engagement. Please contact with any questions.

Employee International Travel

Level 1 and 2 Countries

Travel to Level 1 or 2 countries listed on the US Department of State Travel Advisory site must be approved by the president.

Please complete the out of state travel form and submit to your supervisor.


Level 3 and 4 Countries

Travel to level 3 or level 4 countries will continue to require prior approval from the system office (System Procedure 3.41.1).

As the first step, please:

  1. Complete the out of state travel approval form and state system form.
    Note- The State System Form will be signed by the Dean of Global Education and the President's Office after submission.
  2. Submit both forms to your supervisor

Please check the US Department of State website for travel information including:

Check with your health care provider regarding travel insurance and/or inquire about GeoBlue Insurance with the Center for Global Engagement at

Want to be a faculty/staff global ambassador?

Are you interested in assisting global education in recruitment and outreach activities while traveling abroad? We’ll share ideas and tips before you go and will provide a modest contribution toward your travel expenses. If interested, please complete the short form at: