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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Alumni & Advisors

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Alumni and Advisors play a critical role in chapters' success or lack thereof.  Alumni offer historical perspective, and advisors are sometimes able to assist in providing continuity for a revolving door of undergraduates.

Both the inter/national organizations and the university expect a lot of chapter advisors.

Sorority Alumni Chairs

Alpha Sigma Alpha - Daphne Drossart

Alpha Chi Omega - Sarah Senden

Gamma Phi Beta - Brianna Bergsbaken

Sigma Sigma Sigma - Marissa Carnevale

Fraternity Alumni Chairs

Delta Chi - Caleb Johnson

Lambda Chi Alpha - John Grattan

Phi Delta Theta - Dennis Durst

Phi Kappa Psi - Aaron Morley

Sigma Nu - Marshall Tromborg

Sigma Chi - Chase Olson

Tau Kappa Epsilon - Anders Nygaard

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (Colony) - Andrew Grau

Suggested resources for Alumni and Advisors:

 Advisor Conference Call Notes

[PDF] October 27, 2015 (280 KiB)

[PDF] December 8, 2015 (199 KiB)

[PDF] January 26, 2016 (189 KiB) ([PDF] IFC Grade Report (349 KiB), [PDF] PHC Grade Report (341 KiB), [PDF] Strategic Plan (192 KiB))

[PDF] February 23, 2016 (198 KiB)

[PDF] October 25, 2016 (193 KiB)