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Poster Design

Recognized Student Organizations (RSO's) are eligible to hang posters around campus once approved by the Marketing Coordinator of the Centennial Student Union- Lenny Koupal. You can  submit your poster, flyer, or t-shirt design for approval below. You will hear back within one week, so plan ahead, as there may be some delay.

Before submitting, we recommend you review the graphic standards (  and make sure you have incorporated these few things:


 Please add the following graphics to bottom of your posters. These are required by Minnesota State University, Mankato and SAC.

[JPG] [JPG] Tabloid 11x17 in (27.94 x 43.18 cm) (49 KiB) (49 KiB)

[JPG] [JPG] Letter 8.5x11 in (21.59 x 27.94 cm) (44 KiB) (44 KiB)

[JPG] [JPG] Sandwichboard 2x3 ft (60.96 x 94.11 cm) (77 KiB) (77 KiB)

[JPG] [JPG] Full CSU A-Frame 21x27 in (53.34 x 68.58 cm) (77 KiB) (77 KiB)

[JPG] [JPG] Res. Hall Table Tent 3.2x1.67 in (8.13 x 4.24 cm) (19 KiB) (19 KiB)