Electronic Communications

Brand standards apply to all electronic communications created by entities of the University. This includes websites, apps, social media, video and electronic ads.


All official University entites must use the approved University website template in accordance with the web publishing policy.

All websites must follow graphic standards in regard to the University name. The use of MSU, MNSU, or any other acronym for the University is prohibited on University websites.

Social Media

The full name of the University should be used in presenting your name on social media if character limits allow. This will help reinforce the brand, but it will also help people find you when they search for you.

If you need advice concerning acceptable names for social media channels, please contact Lindsey Beyer at lindsey.beyer@mnsu.edu.

Graphic standards pertaining to the University name should be followed in social media posts, with one exception. When used on social media with a hashtag, the use of "#MNSU" is acceptable. The use of the acronym without the hastag is not acceptable. This is because hashtags organize conversations on social media, and this hashtag was organically created by our audiences and is unique to us.


All graphic standards outlined on this website pertain to video production. This includes proper use of the University's name, logo and colors.

Sometimes, in video, people may say "MSU" or "MNSU" instead of "Minnesota State University, Mankato" when talking on screen. We ask that you coach talent to use the full University name, but we will not make you re-record your video if someone accidentally uses the acronym in speech.

However, the full University name and/or logo must be presented correctly when writen in text.

If a video is shot "guerilla style" and is meant for social media, additional graphics and branding are not required to be included. However, if a video is going through post-production, the University logo must appear and be used properly. Additionally, the URL "mnsu.edu" must be advertised in order to meet the requirements of system office branding.

For questions about video or assistance in video creation, please contact Richard Crispo at richard.crispo@mnsu.edu.

Electronic Ads

University Marketing and Communications offers strategies and consulting for creating riveting and effective ads. We can help with strategies surrounding audience targeting, platforms, creative and messaging.

Please consult with Lindsey Beyer (lindsey.beyer@mnsu.edu) if you are interested in producing electronic ads.

Mobile Applications

The MavLife app is the official app of Minnesota State Mankato. If an entity is in need of a mobile application, the new feature or functionality should be incorporated into the existing MavLife app which many students already have on their phones. This makes the new functionality more widely available right away and enhances the features of the official University app. Contact Chris Lienemann at christopher.lienemann@mnsu.edu for help incorporating your new feature.

Production of unique, one-off mobile applications is discouraged. If there is a special case where an entity needs a unique mobile application seperate from MavLife, this should be done in consultation with and in close partnership with University Marketing and Communications and IT Solutions. In most cases, application needs can be met through (and can enhance) the MavLife app.