Vacancy Advertising

The content of job vacancy advertising is governed by the Minnesota State Mankato Search Handbook. As the handbook indicates, all vacancy ads must use one of two downloadable headers, depending on the space available. Both formats are consistent with the University's overall look and are designed to stand out on a printed page of ads.

These templates have already been given to our major advertising outlets, including the Mankato Free Press, Minneapolis Star Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Chronicle of Higher Education. If the advertising outlet you choose does not have these templates, simply send them a link to this page along with the content of your ad.

If you have any questions about vacancy advertising, contact Human Resources at 507-389-1223.

Vacancy Advertisement Header 1

vacancy advertising header 1

Vacancy Advertisement Header 2

vacancy advertising header 2

Vacancy Advertisement Samples

vacancy advertisement sample 1

vacancy advertisement sample 2