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Timesheet Instructions

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How to fill out a Student Employee timesheet

  1. Pay Period Ending
    The "Pay Period ending" dates is the last day of the pay period.
  2. WAF#
    Work Authorization Number assigned.
  3. Student's Last Name and First Name
  4. Reporting Hours
    Students are required to record for each day worked - the times of day coming in to work and time of day leaving. Write total hours for each day in box Sum of Hours for each day.
  5. Student's Signature and Tech ID
    The Student must sign and date the timesheet. This is important for auditing purposes. It is recommended that the first day of each pay period when the student reports for work they start a new timesheet. They should sign and date the timesheet as well. This way if, for some reason, the student cannot work any more days it is signed.

Student Employee Timesheet (pdf)


Recording Total Hours and Submitting Pay Roster to University Payroll Department

After the timesheet is completed and signed by the student;

  1. The supervisor records the total hours from the student timesheet to the department Pay Roster (green sheet) by the appropriate Work Authorization Number.
  2. Total the hours of all the students' hours on the Pay Roster and write in Total Hours box.
  3. If a Work Authorization was set up for a lump sum payment - then record payment in Lump Sum Payment Amt. Column. Total the column of all lump sums and write in appropriate box.
  4. Supervisor of the department signs the Pay Roster and turns it into the Student Payroll Office by date on scheduled paydays.
  5. The Student Payroll Office processes the payroll for the following payday.
  6. Any hours for a prior pay period may be submitted. Indicate by the hours the pay period that hours were worked.

Storage of Student Timesheets

The department must store the original timesheet (s) for 7 years for Student Help and for Work-Study. This is very important for auditing purposes.