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Spring Grades-Financial Aid is Earned (04.23.2014)

While work-study employment is a clear example of financial aid that is earned to help finance the cost of education, students also earn the other types of financial aid funds through their attendance and participation in classes.

Reviews of financial aid eligibility occur throughout the semester for students who drop individual classes or withdraw from all classes, and they are notified if those decisions had an impact on their eligibility.

Likewise, instructors are required to report last date of attendance for each student who receives a failing (F or NC) grade, indicating whether the student never attended or stopped attending/participating before the end of the course completion date. If a student never attended the course, s/he has not earned any financial aid for that course; if a student stopped attending, s/he may not have earned all or part of the financial aid, depending on his/her overall academic performance for the semester. Students who did not earn the financial aid that was processed for them will be notified by mail of their requirement to return all or a portion of those funds, and their student accounts will reflect the adjustments as balances due to the University.

Summer Term Payment Dates (03.18.14)

  • Monday, June 23, 2014, is the Summer Term Due Date. All registered students should ensure that spring semester account balances are paid in full or covered by a Nelnet/FACTS payment plan.

Please note: Thursday, June 19, 2014, is the last day to enroll in the last available payment plan for summer term through Nelnet/FACTS.

  • Monday, July 14, 2014 is the Summer Term Past Due Date. Accounts with unpaid spring semester balances not covered by a Nelnet/FACTS payment plan will be subject to Unpaid Balance hold and $50 late fee.

Students meeting the minimum payment criteria by the registration guarantee dates will not have registrations cancelled for non-payment; enrolled students are obligated for tuition and fees charges, regardless of attendance, according to timelines published for summer term’s official withdrawal and dropping courses procedures.

More information on billing and payments, including available Automatic Payment Plan options.

Apply for Financial Aid for 2014-2015

Students planning to attend Minnesota State University, Mankato during the 2014-2015 school year are encouraged to submit their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible to determine eligibility and allow sufficient time for required award acceptance processes. Work-study and certain other federal scholarships and grants are limited; students who qualify for need-based aid and apply by March 15 ensure greater access to these resources before the available funds are depleted.

2014-2015 FAFSA information is submitted through, the Department of Education’s FREE application site. Do not file through the .com website, which is a private FAFSA advisory, consultation and preparation service not affiliated with the Department of Education, unless you are prepared to pay fees of $79.99 or more for that firm’s services.

Free assistance is available via online prompts and “Help and Hints” topics as you navigate through the FAFSA. If you would like to see a preview of the questions you may be asked while completing it online, you can review the FAFSA on the Web Worksheet. A number of helpful YouTube videos including How to Fill out the FAFSA are also provided by Federal Student Aid.

Several free workshops are held across Minnesota each year where financial aid professionals are on hand to assist with FAFSA completion. For more information, go to the Minnesota College Goal website,

For additional assistance regarding the FAFSA process, contact us.

Summer Term Registration, Guarantee Dates (02.21.2014)

The Summer Term class schedule is available for viewing on the web starting Friday, February 21. Registration begins Wednesday, March 19.

Students registered through April 21 are required to meet minimum payment requirements by Monday, April 28, to stay enrolled. Student accounts that do not meet the payment requirements will have all courses administratively dropped on Tuesday, April 29.

Students registered from April 22 through May 23 are required to meet minimum payment requirements by Friday, May 23, to stay enrolled. Student accounts that do not meet the payment requirements will have all courses administratively dropped on Tuesday, May 27.

More Summer Term Important Dates and registration guarantee information.

Direct deposit saves time, money (01.10.2013)

Payments to students for financial aid overages, student payroll earnings, and refunds are routinely posted to student-designated bank accounts through direct deposit. Students with a current direct deposit authorization benefit from safest, quickest and most convenient method of payment while assisting the University in its mission to provide excellent student service at the lowest possible cost.

Current students can either link their MavCARD to a Wells Fargo® checking account to authorize direct deposit for University payments or set up their authorization to another bank account through e-services. The Direct Deposit Setup function is found under either the Financial Aid or the Student Employment menus on e-services. This setup screen can also be viewed to confirm the accuracy of bank account information for a current direct deposit authorization.