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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Bookstore Charges

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What About Bookstore Charges

In cooperation with Barnes & Noble Bookstore @ Minnesota State Mankato. The University has set up a special arrangement with the Barnes & Noble bookstore on campus to allow enrolled students to charge textbook/supply purchases for a limited time at the start of each semester.


Eligibility is based on enrollment in at least six credits, having a financial aid award prior to the start of the semester, and no past due account balance or financial aid suspension holds. Eligible students receive an e-mail notification just prior to the textbook charge period. Charge amount is based on the actual cost of textbooks and supplies purchased for enrolled courses, up to a maximum of $500 per term.

Textbook Purchases Deadlines

Students may order textbooks online from Barnes & Noble through a link in the Class Schedule page on e-services or at Online orders charged through this program may be picked up beginning the Wednesday prior to the first day of classes, through the fourth day of the term.

Eligible students may charge their fall or spring semester textbook/supply purchases in-person at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore @ MSU beginning two weeks prior to the first day of classes, through the fourth day of the term. For summer term, in-store purchases may be charged beginning one week prior to the first day of classes, through the fourth day of the term. Find specific date information for each semester on the Campus Hub Important Dates pages.


An accounts receivable charge is updated to the student’s university account for textbooks and supplies purchased at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore @ Minnesota State Mankato under this program. Charges are updated just prior to the processing of financial aid each term to facilitate automatic payoff. Changes in student account charges and financial aid awards resulting from registration changes that occur after textbook charge amount is determined may impact the automatic payoff of these charges.

Student's Responsibility

It remains the student’s responsibility to ensure his/her account with the university is paid. Any unpaid balances are subject to late fees and other collection procedures.

Other Students Allowed to Charge Textbook Purchases

Nelnet/FACTS Payment Plan

Another option for enrolled students who are not eligible to charge textbook purchases against financial aid is to enroll in a Nelnet/FACTS payment plan. Students enrolled in Nelnet/FACTS will also be allowed to charge textbook/supplies at the Barnes & Noble bookstore on campus for the same charge periods provided above.

There is a $500 maximum charge amount per term, regardless of the student’s expected excess financial aid funds or Nelnet/FACTS payment plan budget. More information on Nelnet/FACTS payment plan.

Veterans of military service

Veteran students eligible for military benefits are also allowed to charge textbooks/supplies at the Barnes & Noble bookstore on campus during the established charge period each semester. If more than $500 is needed for the semester’s textbook/supplies purchases, the student may contact Twyla Tinney, Director of Accounts Receivable, to request an increase to the charge limit.