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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Dropping Courses

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Summer Term 2014
Deadline Add Refund/No W Drop/No Refund/with W Grade Change
Full Semester
May 19 - July 25
May 23 May 23 July 14 June 2
First (Half) “Session”
May 19 - June 20
May 23 May 23 See ** Note Below May 23
Second (Half) “Session”
June 23 - July 25
June 24 June 24 See ** Note Below June 27
First Module
June 2 - June 13
June 3 June 3 See ** Note Below June 6
Second Module
June 16 - June 27
June 17 June 17 See ** Note Below June 20
Third Module
June 30 - July 11
July 1 July 1 See ** Note Below July 7
Fourth Module
July 14 - July 25
July 15 July 15 See ** Note Below July 18
Short courses of five days or less* Through the first class day Before the first class day Through the first class daySee ** Note Below Through half the course's length
Short courses more than five days long* One calendar day after the first class meeting One calendar day after the first class meeting Through the first five days of the course.See ** Note Below Through the first five days of the course
*NOTE Exceptions are short courses which end before May 23.  They must be dropped by one calendar day after the first class day in order to be refunded.

**Note: You can see the drop/withdrawal dates by looking at the course details when searching for a course on E-Services. The dates can also be seen by placing you mouse over the icon on your class schedule. This will display "hover help" which will show the official date to drop and withdraw.