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There are several benefits to students who take the time and energy to search for scholarships outside the university.  The first benefit of receiving a scholarship is obvious, the student receives funding to assist them in financing their college education.  Other benefits in searching and receiving scholarship funds are the experience students gain in researching scholarship resources, the networking opportunities (meeting the scholarship committees, donors and other scholarship participants), the written skills generally attached to scholarship applications, and finally the benefit to the student’s employment search.  Employers look favorably upon resumes’ that indicate scholarship(s) because they understand the value and the process of scholarship funding.

Local civics groups, corporate organizations, and church groups are very good sources for scholarship funding.  Contact your High School Guidance Counselor as well as members from the different organizations in your area about possible opportunities for scholarship funding.

Search our online MSU Scholarship Search under Other Scholarships category to see what type of scholarships that may also be available.

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