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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Message from the Dean

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The College of Arts and Humanities continues to pursue its mission:

Engage • Explore • Challenge • Create • Educate

Providing Transformative Experiences to
Improve the Human Condition


Welcome to the
College of Arts and Humanities

A special invitation from Dr. Kimberly Contag, Interim Dean

On behalf of the College of Arts and Humanities, I invite you to ENGAGE in the diverse programing that the College of Arts and Humanities offers. EXPLORE new opportunities on campus and through our programming in countries around the world. Navigate the CHALLENGE of the 21st century environment with us. Come and learn to CREATE through interpretation, inquiry, research, and practice. Our mission is a life-long partnership to embark on ways to EDUCATE others by modeling the mission of the College! This is our mission. Come partner with us!

See for yourself!

I invite you to visit the Department and Program websites of the College of Arts and Humanities to learn about our award-winning faculty, innovative delivery of course content, and our connection to the world through public events, performances and relevant disciplinary programming. Over 60,000 people attended concerts, theatrical performances, readings and road tours last year! Take a virtual walk through the websites to see for yourself the opportunities available to you and the record of success of our faculty, students, and staff. Enjoy the gallery of information and photographs that showcase some of the collaborative work that continues to transform the community of learners we serve.

Start with us and finish with us!

In our College we are developing academic maps to degree completion that will help you and your academic advisor chart your personalized academic journey. The path to graduation will be unique as you select from a variety of offerings, but you will be able to see what your unique map looks like. We welcome first year students, students who transfer for a completion program in Mankato or at one of our satellite sites or online, students who are looking for a unique learning experience associated with their discipline in an international setting, and graduate students in a variety of areas!

Thank you for exploring opportunities in the College of Arts and Humanities

Whether you are a prospective student, a community member or a fellow educator, do not hesitate to contact our office
(507-389-1712) if you would like additional information about the programs and opportunities in the College of Arts and Humanities.