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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Tips and Troubleshooting for Employers

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 Job Posting Tips

The following are some tips and suggestions for effective job posting.

  • If reposting an existing job, make sure you remove the "(copy)" text that is appended to the job posting - some students will wonder how "fresh" the job actually is, and opt not to apply.
  • Spelling counts!  Misspellings may cause a student/alumni to wonder if this is a legitimate job opportunity or a potential scam.
  • Be descriptive!  Provide as complete a description of the opening's duties and responsibilities as possible, so that students/alumni are aware up front of everything the job entails.  Some students/alumni may apply for a job that is short on details, but others may choose to pass it up and instead spend their time investigating and applying to other jobs with more details.
  • If selecting screening criteria for an opening, be careful when selecting those criteria.  An example of a common mistake we see is selecting "graduate student" instead of "alumni" - "graduate student" does NOT equal "graduated student".  Another is not selecting all of the applicable majors - for instance, Minnesota State University, Mankato has several IT-related majors, but these are not necessarily named similarly or grouped altogether in the list of available majors - be sure to select carefully!
  • Make sure you have listed the correct instructions/contact information for students/alumni to apply for the position.

What is OneStop?

  • OneStop is a way for employers to post a job to multiple schools at the same time.  While a local employer account on MavJobs is free, there are fees associated with a OneStop account.  For more information on the rates for posting to multiple schools through OneStop, please go to

What happens to my local MavJobs Account

  • Note that if you create a OneStop account, you can still login locally to MavJobs to post a job just to our local school for free.  You have the option to "centralize" your account, which means you can use the same username and password to access the local MavJobs account, or you can maintain separate login credentials for each site.  Again, logging into a school site directly to post a single job to that school will still be free, even if you have a OneStop account.
    Some employers register for OneStop simply to get the account centralization benefit.  There is no requirement that they go through OneStop for job posting.  The OneStop account and centralization are free - charges are based on job postings. 


Searching for potential candidates in the Resume Book

“Resume Books” enable employers to review student resumes that have been included in the resume book. Resumes can be filtered by the resume book’s available filtering criteria.


How to  View Resume Books

1.    Log into your MavJobs account at

2.    View Resume Books by clicking on the Search resumes in the top navigation bar on your home page.


Employer Tip Screenshot 1

3.    View the resume book by clicking on the Resume Books tab, and then clicking on a resume book link in the Name column.

Employer Tip Screenshot 2

4.    Refine the resume list by using the Keywords, Resume Text Search, Major, Class Level, and/or Applicant Type search filters.

Employer Tip Screenshot 3

5.    View a resume by clicking on the document icon in the Resume column.

6.    You can choose to view resumes individually, and contact students directly (their resumes have their phone numbers and/or email addresses on them), and/or you can select students from the list and send them all an email by choosing “Mail to Checked.”

Employer Tip Screenshot 4

7.    If you choose to do a “group” mailing, you will be sent to the Mail Wizard to compose the email. You have the option of making the emails personalized by adding “available fields” such as first name, full name, etc., throughout the message. Be sure to use the [ ] format as shown in the “available fields” section. You can also attach a file if, for example, you wanted to include a copy of your position description or information about your organization!

Employer Tip Screenshot 5

8.   We have developed a “template” email that you can use, or change as needed, to send to students you are interested in meeting at the Expo. We find that when students are invited or encouraged by an employer, they are more motivated to attend an event such as Expo! This is also a GREAT way to get students to view, and apply for, positions you have posted on MavJobs! You can certainly also mention if you have an Info Session scheduled or if you will be interviewing on campus

Dear [fname]:     Employer Tip Screenshot 6

While reviewing resumes on MavJobs, your resume caught our organization’s attention! (Your organization name) will be attending the Minnesota State Mankato Career & Internship Expo on October 30, 2012, and we would like it if you were to stop by our table and meet with our representative(s).

At this time we are recruiting for (job/internship title(s)) and our position(s) are posted on MavJobs now! We encourage you to apply, and would be happy to answer questions you may have about the position(s) at the Expo! We hope to see you on October 30th!


We hope that these instructions will simplify the resume search process for your organization!



MavJobs Employer Login Web Site Reports That You Must Enable Cookies

This error message could actually be caused by a number of different issues.  The troubleshooting steps below will assist you in identifying and resolving the error message.


1.  Confirm that you are using the correct username, as this message will appear if the system does not recognize the username you entered.  Your username will be the email address you used when registering for a MavJobs employer account.  (e.g. )


2.  Follow the instructions on the following link to confirm that you do have "cookies" enabled on your particular web browser: 


3. If cookies are enabled on your web browser, but you are still receiving this message, you or your organization's technical support resource will wish to check the following:


  •  Double-check that the “Date and Time” are set correctly on your workstation (Start | Control Panel | Date and Time).  Some websites are sensitive to the system date and time on your computer, and will refuse to create a cookie if something looks incorrect there.
  • Set the website as a “Trusted Site” in your web browser.  The following webpage describes how to do this for Internet Explorer and FireFox:

    Note that you would use instead of the link found in the instructions.
  • If you have a security or anti-virus tool, you could check with the vendor’s support site to see if that tool has any functions that specifically scan cookies, as sometimes this can cause interference that prompts a website to throw a default “You must have cookies” error message.  Disabling that particular function in their anti-virus tool may allow the site to create cookies in the browser’s cache as expected.

Problems with OneStop of OneStop Job Posting