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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Jobs and Internships/Co-ops

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Finding a job or internship can be a time-consuming process, but it is one you will likely go through many times during your career. Learn the basics and make it easier on yourself in the future!


Overall job search process
  1. Career Assesment and Career Exploration

  2. Finding Jobs & Internships/Co-ops

  3. Applying for Jobs & Internships/Co-ops

  4. Interviewing & Negotiating Salary


Finding Jobs, Internships, Co-Ops, etc.

Networking is, hands-down, the number one way to find a job or internship that you will feel satisfied with, and most career counselors will recommend that you spend about 80% of your job search making connections, talking to others, attending fairs and events, joining professional conferences where you will have face to face interaction with employers.

At most, you should be spending only about 20% of your remaining job search time online finding and applying to positions. To make the most of your time, the Career Development Center has a number of resources available to help you be more efficient in your search:


Search Links should be one of the first places you should be check, as employers who have hired graduates from our campus before are eager to find more great employees to help grow their business and you would have a head start building up your professional network at those companies.


For particular types of jobs, or jobs within particular fields, you can also check out the additional resources below: