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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Welcome to The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning! While the role of the professor at a university can occasionally be lonely and difficult, The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) is here to provide resources and support. Through CETL, faculty can be part of a community of teachers and scholars. Participants in our various faculty groups can find support and encouragement while discussing, improving, and developing innovative teaching strategies.

"Talking About Teaching" has been our motto since The Center was established in the fall of 2002 and it remains true today. In short, we are here to serve our faculty in the all-important goal of improving student learning. Stop by the CETL Office (Memorial Library 88 - Lower Level) or watch this brief introductory video to learn more.

Mission & Goals:Faculty dreams

The Minnesota State University, Mankato Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning promotes excellence in teaching and learning by providing resources, Faculty Learning Communities, communication and strategies to support, strengthen and recognize high quality and innovative teaching. The Center offers a place for all instructors to meet formally and informally to support each other in the scholarship of teaching.

Where we are:

Location: Memorial Library 88, Lower Level
Phone: 507-389-5899 or 507-389-3233

History of the Center

HistoryThe Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) began in the fall of 2002. The Faculty Association asked the MSU administration to look into an office that could aid faculty with teaching and learning. During the summer of 2002, Stewart Ross was hired as the 1/2 time, founding Director of CETL. Dr. Ross had been the Director of Bands at MSU for 21 years prior to this appointment.

During the first year, an office was created for the Center and a few programs were developed for faculty. By the second year, CETL offered Faculty Learning Communities (FLC) as a foundation for helping professors. Thanks to a grant from the Bush Foundation and Minnesota State, Dr. Ross became one of 12 Active Learning Advocates through a program with the system-wide Center for Teaching and Learning. This two year program enabled Dr. Ross to serve as a full-time Director. Once the program ended, he continued as a full-time Director. At the same time, a graduate assistant position was added to the Center and for two years part-time faculty fellows aided the Center. In 2008, a full-time Instructional Designer was hired for the Center along with a part-time Faculty Fellow from the English Department to help faculty with writing in the disciplines. Over the 6 year period, $180,000 in mini-grants for faculty attempting to improve teaching and learning was made available from CETL.  In 2012, Dr. Patricia Hoffman replaced Dr. Ross as CETL's full-time Director, and she continues to serve in that position today.

Today, CETL is an integral part of MSU. Currently there are over 200 professors either in a CETL program or volunteering to help with a program. The signature program is the Faculty Teaching Certificate Program (FTCP). This program runs all year and averages over 40 participants each year.  Over 200 professors and teaching assistants have "graduated" from the program since its inception.

CETL in the News

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Minnesota State Mankato has been featured in both the local paper and the AAC & U Newsletter. Please click on the following links to see these interesting articles.