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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Peer Faculty Consultations

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Each fall and spring term, CETL coordinates one-hour teaching observations to help instructors gain additional perspective on their teaching. Peer Faculty Consultants are experienced instructors from other disciplines who can provide professional, respectful, and confidential feedback on teaching. Consultations are available to all university faculty regardless of rank, but new faculty are particularly encouraged to participate in this program. We encourage instructors to mention the consultation experience in professional development reports to their deans (or for adjunct faculty, their department chairs).

Central Tenents

The observation process should treat the observed faculty member with professional respect.

The observation process should promote teaching growth and self-awareness.

Conversations and observation notes will be confidential between the Instructor and the Consultant.

Peer Faculty Consultation Process

New and veteran faculty (“Instructors”) may request a Peer Faculty Consultation through the CETL office at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. The application information includes academic discipline, office hours, and course description.

The CETL Graduate Assistant pairs consultation requests with Peer Faculty Consultants and notifies each pair via email. The Time Tracker and Post-Observation report will be attached to the message.

Consultants must teach in a different discipline from the Instructor.

Consultants are encouraged to have recent experience being observed before performing an observation for others.

Consultants should have taught at least 3 years at Minnesota State Mankato.

The Consultant contacts the Instructor to schedule a confidential consultation. During the consultation, the Instructor will describe the course: goals, curriculum, teaching practices, and the students. Together, the Consultant and the Instructor identify specific teaching areas to observe in the classroom and to provide comments on.

The Consultant and Instructor schedule a teaching observation. The Consultant will confirm the date, time, and location via email, copying the CETL GA.

During the observation, the Consultant observes as unobtrusive as possible.

Following the observation, the Consultant writes an objective post-observation report. Comments should be supportive and constructive.

The pair meet within a reasonable timeframe to discuss the post-observation report. The Instructor receives a copy for their files.

The Consultant notifies the CETL Graduate Assistant that the consultation is complete.


Please register online during weeks 1-10 of each fall and spring to get started with this program.