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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Mission & Goals:

The Minnesota State University, Mankato's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning  (CETL) promotes excellence in teaching and learning by providing resources: Faculty Communities of Scholars, and communications and strategies to support, strengthen and recognize high quality and innovative teaching. The Center offers a place for all instructors to meet formally and informally to support each other in the scholarship of teaching.

Supporting Excellence in Teaching and Learning:

CETL is here to provide resources and support to faculty. Through CETL, faculty can be part of a community of teachers and scholars. Participants in our various faculty groups can find support and encouragement while discussing, improving, and developing innovative teaching strategies.

"Talking About Teaching" has been our motto since The Center was established in the fall of 2002 and it remains true today. In short, we are here to serve our faculty in the all-important goal of improving student learning. Stop by our office (Memorial Library 88, Lower Level) or browse this website to learn more.

We offer a variety of services and support to faculty, including:

Communities of Scholars

Collaborate with other faculty and focus on a broad issue of education. You will enjoy getting to know faculty in other colleges and departments across the University. You will be stimulated by the diversity of thought as well as the thought-provoking or challenging topics of discussion. Communities of Scholars meet once a month.

5-Minute Workshops

Learning new teaching strategies to engage today's learners doesn't have to be a burden on your schedule. You can learn a new teaching strategy in as little as 5 minutes. CETL can provide ideas for you to do on your own, or you can request a quick demonstration on the dates that work for you. You could even begin your department meeting with a 5-minute demonstration of an effective, research-based teaching strategy. We also produce short videos and podcasts documenting some effective, engaging classroom strategies.

Hot Topics

CETL frequently offers hour-long presentations, discussions, or workshops around a specific topic or skill. These presentations can be customized for departments, or you can individually attend a previously scheduled session.

Brown Bag Discussions

Use your lunch hour to collaborate and participate in a faculty discussion on a variety of topics. You can attend a full series or just one or two sessions depending on your schedule and interests.

Other Services

For questions and answers, please contact CETL at 507-389-5899 or email