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Normandale Partnership Center

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Earn Your Degree at the Normandale Partnership Center!

The Department of Communication Studies offers a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Communication Studies to students in the Twin Cities metro area at the Partnership Center located at Normandale Community College. Our Twin Cities Communication Studies program is ideally suited to students who possess a two-year degree, or have completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, and want to complete a four-year degree from Minnesota State University, Mankato without leaving the Twin Cities!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same program as the one offered in Mankato?

Yes! At the Partnership Center, you will complete the same Bachelor of Science program offered on campus in Mankato. All the core courses offered in Mankato are offered in the Twin Cities. However, because there are fewer faculty in the Twin Cities, there is a slightly limited range of elective courses offered at the Partnership Center.

What is the Partnership Center?

The Partnership Center is a new building attached to the Kopp Student Center at Normandale Community College. The space is used by a number of colleges and universities (like Minnesota State University, Mankato!) who offer a limited number of degree programs to students in the metro area. When you register for courses, you are enrolling for classes through Minnesota State Mankato—NOT Normandale Community College.

Will my degree be from Mankato State University?

Yes, your degree will be from Minnesota State University, Mankato. By enrolling as a Communication Studies major, you are considered a student at Minnesota State Mankato—with the same rights and responsibilities as students on the Mankato campus.

I attended another college or university. Will my credits transfer to Minnesota State Mankato?

Completion of all 40 credits of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) will transfer directly to Minnesota State Mankato. Completion of an Associates of Arts (AA) or an Associates of Science (AS) degree will also transfer into the university. If you are seeking to transfer courses directly to your major, they will need to be reviewed by the Department of Communication Studies.

Who can help me make sense of my transfer credits?

The Office of the Registrar at Minnesota State Mankato handles any questions about transferring credits from other schools. For more information, check out their website:

Do I need a minor for this degree?

You DO need a minor for the B.S. degree. You should plan to work with your adviser to select a minor. Not all minors offered by Minnesota State Mankato can be completed in the Twin Cities.

What are some potential minors?

Many of our students minor in programs like Marketing, Interdisciplinary Studies in Communication, or Nonprofit Leadership. Not all minors offered by Minnesota State Mankato can be completed in the Twin Cities, but several options are available. Typically, completing a minor involves taking several online classes through the Mankato campus. Talk with your adviser about options for your minor.

Who can I talk with first to learn more about the program?

If you would like more information about Minnesota State Mankato programs in the Twin Cities, please contact our Student Relations Coordinator, Sara Leigh at to schedule a meeting.

What careers do people go into with this degree?

A degree in Communication Studies prepares students for success in a wide variety of careers. Individuals earning degrees in Communication Studies go into fields such as sales, event planning, marketing, training and development, as well as a variety of roles in non-profit organizations. Some students also use the degree as a foundation for graduate work in areas such as law, business, and counseling.

Who teaches in the program?

Dr. Anne Kerber and Dr. Justin Rudnick teach most of the classes offered at the Partnership Center. Occasionally, other faculty from the Mankato campus will teach courses. For more information about our faculty, check out the rest of the faculty & staff.

Can I take classes in Mankato?

Yes! Some of our students choose to commute to Mankato to take a class they want. Most of our students prefer to take classes online so they can avoid the commute. As a student at Minnesota State Mankato, you have access to any class on campus.

I am a student at Mankato, can I take classes in this program?

No. Classes in the Twin Cities are reserved for students located in the Twin Cities area. Rare exceptions are made to this rule. If you have more questions, please contact our administrative assistant.

If I am a student at Normandale Community College, do I need to apply to Minnesota State Mankato as a transfer student?

Yes. You will need to complete Minnesota State Mankato’s online application and submit official transcripts to our Admissions Office. You can review the transfer admissions process at

What is the admission process?

To be admitted to Minnesota State Mankato, you must have:

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0;
  • Completed EITHER the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MNTC), an Associate of Arts, or an Associate of Science degree. 
  • Completed the three required general education classes (Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, & Intercultural Communication). 
  • Completed the online application at
  • No separate application is necessary for the CMST major.Note:
    You may be admitted to Minnesota State Mankato without having complthe required general education communication courses completed, but the GE courses are not offered by the department through the Partnership Center. You will need to complete the GE courses either face-to-face, online through the Mankato campus or through another college or university.

How are classes offered?

Typically, Communication Studies classes are offered face-to-face at the Partnership Center. Most semesters, at least one class is offered online. However, the program is intended to be completed primarily face-to-face. 

When are face-to-face classes taught?

Currently, most classes are offered Mondays—Thursdays from 6-9:45 pm. The classes meet once per week.

What are the tuition and fee costs for courses taken through the Partnership Center?
Students can review an estimated cost per credit by clicking on “Off-Campus Metro Sites” at

Can I receive Financial Aid?

Yes. Please see the Campus Hub website for more information at

I need certain accommodations in the classroom.
Will I have access to Accessibility Services?

Yes. Students who need accommodations should connect with Minnesota State Mankato’s Accessibilities Office. More information can be found at

I am a veteran. Will I have access to Veteran Services?

Yes, students must contact Minnesota State Mankato’s Veteran Services. Please see their website for more information at