Index to Pictures of Stuttering Gallery

You can enter the gallery at the first picture and wander through it from page to page, or you can use the back button and return to this index each time if you wish to view the "rooms" which are arranged below according to the ages of the artists, medium used, and a special collection which shows change in attitudes about stuttering. Gratefully acknowledged are Lori Andrews, Lee Caggiano, Kristin Chmela, Adriana DiGrande, Lynne Shields, and Bonnie Weiss for providing the pictures in this gallery, Tom Kuster for scanning all the pictures, and to all of the children and teenagers who drew them!

The following pictures were drawn in response to instructions such as "Draw a picture of what it feels like to stutter."

These are a few examples of children using other artistic media to share their feelings about stuttering Artwork can also help children express some changes in attitude during therapy.