G0AL: To become familiar with journal writing.

Journals are documented memories of important events in a person's life. They can describe major milestones such as holidays, travels, births, etc. They can also preserve small details that might otherwise be forgotten such as first words, names of long-ago friends, and descriptions of daily life. This book is a personal record of your experiences when speaking and communicating. It is a "journey" journal that will guide you through the changes in your speech with your own words and descriptions.

Level 1 contains the facts necessary for any journal entry - the who, what where, and when of the situation. Since this is your personal journal, it also includes your feelings about each situation. You may use the suggested labels on the left side of each page, or your own words to fill in each situation.

Sample page for Level 1
Page for Level 1 which can be printed out for clients.

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