GOAL: To select personal communication goals.

You are now an experienced journal writer. It is time to take your expertise one step further. Levels 1, 2, and 3 provided specific structure and direction for you to describe various speaking experiences. One purpose of Level 4 is to reflect on the writings of the previous levels and self-evaluate the observations you described. Try to determine why you picked each particular day, situation, person, or place. Look for reasons you were very fluent on your rating scale, as well as possible reasons you were not. What can you learn from a careful look at each page of this book?

Fill in the Level 4 Journal pages with future possible speaking situations. Please list at least three strategies you plan to try. Remember that you won't always succeed but it's important to continue trying even if you do fail.

Everyone has goals for life: education, travel, careers, etc. We all hope to achieve success by meeting the goals we have set for ourselves (or coming close!) Everyone has goals for each day: to call an old friend, to finish a project, to find a lost glove, etc. Keep your goals simple, Give yourself a goal for an hour, a class, a recess, or a short phone call. As your success grows, your goals will expand.

Please refer to Appendix B if you need ideas for upcoming situations, goals and strategies.

Page for Level 4, page1 which can be printed out for clients.
Page for Level 4, page2 which can be printed out for clients.

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