The 4 Levels

Level 1: In Level 1, children are introduced to this journal format. There are several items to complete on each journal entry page.

Level 2: In level 2, children learn the concept of "pragmatics." Pragmatics is a technical term for the many ways in which we use language. At this level, children are asked to "step back" and describe objectively the pragmatics of speaking situations. Refer to the description of pragmatics at the beginning of Level 2.

Level 3: In level 3, the pragmatics section is replaced with children's perceptions of fluency. A rating scale is provided for this purpose. At this level, you are likely to discover that children's perceptions of fluency are different from yours.

Level 4: In level 4, children are asked to set personal communication goals. They examine the entries and select situations for improvement. They choose speaking situations in which to attempt new ways of communicating. They are developing self-observation and learning to become their own speech therapists.

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