Putting Cluttering on the World Map: Formation of the International Cluttering Association

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Re: The sound of cluttering

From: Peter Kissagizlis
Date: 02 Oct 2007
Time: 06:52:12 -0500
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How typical is my speech Alida, hmmmmm, well that is a difficult one as I have only known four people who clutter and three of them sound like me. As you know I have had this problem for years and it is only recently that I realise how the condition has affected my life since childhood. I thought that cluttering was only a speech problem, but now I know it is really a communication problem that affects the whole person and can chart out the rest of their life, has it has done mine. OK, as a child, children don’t know any better, but I was told I “talk funny” at work, along with work colleagues, I was told the same, people made fun of me because of the way I spoke. Unfortunately I do not know of any child who clutters, but would like to learn more and perhaps eventually meet children who clutter and their parents, but first we have to get the word out, cluttering is a name only understood as having loads of junk, and not as a communication problem and until we can change the way people think, we are going to have a long hard slog to establish this condition, well, in the UK at least! I want to assist likeminded people in the UK and perhaps Europe to establish a support network and work on setting up local or regional support groups, but to do this we need to get the information across to people who can identify with the commonest symptoms. There are many self help and support groups around the World, they are set up because of interest in the persons condition and the fact that the condition is well established and understood, our stammer group is no exception, Stammering, or stuttering as it is known Worldwide is fully understood as being a speech problem and people can identify with it, on the other hand, cluttering is not understood and many people who may have a clutter, including children do not identify with it because of lack of knowledge. We must establish our AREA! Awareness, Recognition, Education, and Acceptance are what we need.

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