Putting Cluttering on the World Map: Formation of the International Cluttering Association

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From: florence myers
Date: 02 Oct 2007
Time: 13:33:38 -0500
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It is premature to consider the incidence and prevalence of cluttering, for several substantive reasons. Firstly, we need to arrive at an agreed upon set of criteria for cluttering. Secondly, cluttering often coexist with other disorders (e.g., ADHD, stuttering). Thirdly, a number of individuals who clutter are not readily cognizant that they speak in a rapid rate with compromised speech intelligibility and/or linguistic incoherence. There are offshoots to each of the above-mentioned considerations. For example, in our ongoing research (Bakker, Myers, Raphael, St. Louis) we are finding that some people who clutter are quite aware of the nature of their speech/language, while others are oblivious and possibly even deny that there are problems in their communication output. We are in dire need of more research in this area. Having held the First International Conference on Cluttering in Bulgaria provided a strong foundation to push forth research and clinical efforts.

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