Putting Cluttering on the World Map: Formation of the International Cluttering Association

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Re: Thank you for more information about cluttering

From: Klaas Bakker; Missouri State University; Springfield, MO
Date: 04 Oct 2007
Time: 15:20:23 -0500
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Jenna, I don't think you can say that all people who clutter necessarily have difficulties with writing, typing or reading, although this is often the case. You may have noticed that difficulties in using language this way are not referred to in one popular definition of cluttering referred to by the authors of this paper. Typically a definition lists only those features that unanimously apply. It is however so that statistically speaking many people who clutter also have difficulties with reading. Deso Weiss, who by many is considered the father of the discipline (cluttering), considered reading difficulties perhaps highest on the list of difficulties associated with cluttering, but there are others. Almost any learning disability has some form of overlap with significant groups of individuals who clutter. But, again, PWC may not all have any of these in particular. This is what empirical clinical research will have to decide: which are the unique features of cluttering that define it, and which are the ones that may co-occur but are not "obligatory" to lead to the diagnosis.

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