Putting Cluttering on the World Map: Formation of the International Cluttering Association

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Re: question

From: Kathy Scaler Scott
Date: 19 Oct 2007
Time: 08:22:24 -0500
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Hi Tom, According to the current working definition of cluttering, cluttering doesn't have to include rapid rate, it's rapid or irregular. Though I can't say for sure whether you are in fact a clutterer, it sounds like you have symptoms that fall within the category. You may want to look for someone with experience with stuttering in your area. Many times, those speech pathologists will either also have experience with cluttering, or know someone who does they can refer you to. If therapy isn't the way you choose to go, you may also try joining the yahoo group mentioned in the article for some self-help--there are many involved with that group who I'm sure can relate to your experiences and offer advice as to what has worked for them. I'm sure Peter and others will jump in in this regard.

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