Thanks To My Stutter, I'm Never Lost For Words

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Stammering - who knew it would change my life

From: Julia Irani
Date: 03 Oct 2008
Time: 22:30:34 -0500
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Hi Alan! I think a phone call to you is waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy overdue - will change that shortly. :) I enjoyed your paper - when I read it, I could hear you speaking - it's so YOU! I'm not sure about whether I see stammering as a gift. Most of my life, it has been the loyal pet I never wanted - a solid stone wall with a sturdy foundation - unfortunately not standing beside or behind me for support but in front of me instead. No doubt it has been fun jumping over that wall every so often, but then I'd get tired and in those cases it was just a wall I couldn't jump over. In recent years, (as you would know) it is exactly this loyal pet of mine that has given me the ability to live a really fun and exciting life! If I was a fluent speaker, would I go on national TV for an interview - so early in life? Would I have been through the lows to feel the exhileration of jumping out of them? Would I have been so candid about my "weakenesses"? I dont know - maybe. But since what ifs don't help me with what I have today - I'm gonna take what I get and fly with it. It's a fun life and you have been pivotal in making me see that...Thank you Alan Badmington! :) Julia

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