Thanks To My Stutter, I'm Never Lost For Words

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Re: Never Lost For Words

From: Alan Badmington (to Kris)
Date: 06 Oct 2008
Time: 05:25:05 -0500
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Hi Kris, Thank you for your kind remarks. My first positive experiences of public speaking occurred in May 2000 when I joined a stuttering programme that (inter alia) provided me with tools/techniques to deal with speech blocks and words that held an emotional charge. I felt so comfortable speaking in that safe environment and gained, immensely, in confidence. The programme also afforded me unlimited opportunities to speak on future courses, and at designated support groups, thus increasing my confidence even further. However, I wished to challenge myself outside that safe supportive environment, so I joined a public speaking organisation in the UK (the Association of Speakers Clubs). The tools and confidence that I had earlier acquired enabled me to participate in the public speaking activities without difficulty. Indeed, it was not long before I was winning trophies in competition with the fluent speakers. The judges frequently made favourable comments about some of the tools that I attained while coming to terms with my stuttering (voice projection, pausing, clear articulation/enunciation etc) and recommended to the other (fluent) contestants that they should follow my example. How ironic. :-) Thank you for taking the time to respond to my paper. Kindest regards Alan

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