What is stuttering? - defining stuttering from the speaker's viewpoint

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Definition of stuttering

From: Pamela Mertz
Date: 29 Sep 2008
Time: 11:40:31 -0500
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What a great way to define the different types of stuttering, while preserving the validity of each indidvidual person who stutters feelings about it. I stutter. For years I tried to keep it hidden, but when I failed at keeping it hidden, my stuttering was clearly overt. Like the previous responder, I think I have fit into one form or another of your definitions at various times in my life. One thing that most clearly resonated with me is the issue of minimizing one's feelings about stuttering. Shortly after joining self-help, a woman approached me and asked why was I there. She said I didn't belong since she had never heard me stutter. I will never forget that - it was an example of how the speaker and listener hear and feel 2 different things. I am glad that people are more and more ready to validate the feelings part of stuttering. Thanks for such a complete look at simply trying to define stuttering.

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