What is stuttering? - defining stuttering from the speaker's viewpoint

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Re: Stuttering and anxiety

From: Mark Irwin
Date: 14 Oct 2008
Time: 03:00:22 -0500
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Hi Ann, Nice to hear from you. Yes as you know I am familiar with your work so I am not sure of the point of your comment. I have a few questions though: Can I ask why, rather than invent a new scale like UBATS you don't use an established scale like the Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (I remember you asked me about in Oxford.) Also given CBT has long been shown to be an effective therapy for SAD and given you would be aware that 75% of pws may have SAD (1996 work of Stein,Baird and Walker referenced in your 2004 study), why it is necessary to continue to investigate this therapy process? It is a shame with all the ASRC's apparent awareness in this area the leader of your team Mark Onslow, would make a statement like he did at the 2007 World Congress and repeated in last year's online conference that "stuttering is largely intractable past age 6". Still be that as it may, thanks for getting involved. I'd like to appeal to your obvious intellect and open mind and ask if you prepared to be one the first professionals to support the Stuttered Speech Syndrome concept? Looking forward to hearing from you, Mark

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