What is stuttering? - defining stuttering from the speaker's viewpoint

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Re: Stuttering and anxiety

Date: 14 Oct 2008
Time: 16:24:23 -0500
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Hi Mark, it is always a pleasure talking with you. We developed the UTBAS and are working on an another CBT package because, in our view, the social anxiety problems reported to us by PWS are unique, and hence warrant special attention. It is perfectly understandable that many PWS fear negative evaluation in social situations because of their stuttering, whereas there may be no apparent reason for social phobia in sufferers who do not stutter. Regarding the SSS, we have discussed this before and, as you know, I am very comfortable with your idea that the term "stuttering" does not acknowledge "covert" stuttering and the social anxiety and other psychological problems that can develop because of the dysfluent speech. However, since you push me (!), I will say again that I am uncomfortable with the use of the term "syndrome" because (1) a syndrome typically comprises a set of signs/symptoms and I think it is better for each PWS to be seen as unique with their own set of issues/problems, and (2) I think the term "medicalizes" stuttering which does not seem desirable, to me at least. I am much more comfortable, for example, with the term "stuttering disorder". Best, Ann

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