What Does a Grapefruit Have to do with Stuttering?

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From: Irene Frojmovich (Brooklyn College SLP Graduate Student)
Date: 13 Oct 2008
Time: 20:34:08 -0500
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I loved your analogy! This is a great tool especially the part where you explain that sometimes the attempts to keep the fruit hidden may be stranger than just acknowledging that they are holding a fruit and how that can be applied to stuttering. My two questions are: Do you actually ask the client to carry around the grapefruit for the first scenario (carrying it around and not hiding it)? If so, for how long? I wasn't sure if the client was just considering what that would be like or if they were actually carrying it around at this point. For the second scenario (carrying it around without letting anyone see it), in your experience, what is the optimal amount of time that you like the clients to carry it around for? In your experience, is one day enough? or is it more like a few days to a week? Thank you!

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