Stuttering and Bilingualism in Children and Adults

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Re: Question on Stuttering and Bilingualism in Children and Adults

From: Brian Humphrey
Date: 12 Oct 2008
Time: 09:41:26 -0500
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Fatemah, you wrote: Can it be possible that a person who stutters is fluent in one language and dysfluent in another?- - - - - Fatemah, Eva Nkowah proposed that proposed that stuttering severity in two languages is likely to differ by no more than one degree of severity. If we consider a severity scale of fluent - mild stuttering - moderate stuttering - severe stuttering - very severe stuttering, we would expect that if someone stutters to a moderate degree in English, we may expect that person to stutter severely, moderately, or mildly in a second language. However, we would not expect fluency or very severe stuttering in the second language. The situations in which each language is spoken, and the linguistic characteristics of the two languages may affect relative severity as well. By the above guideline, it may be possible for someone who stutters mildly in one language to not stutter at all in another language. - BH

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