Stuttering and Bilingualism in Children and Adults

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Re: Comments about Bi/Multilingual Fluency in Children and Ad...

Date: 19 Oct 2008
Time: 18:55:05 -0500
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Yes: Ms Shenker said: "I have had less experience with languages that are not as similar to English, but we have children in our clinic speaking many languages including Greek, Cantonese, Arabic, and Japanese as their home language and in my experience the transfer has not been an issue. Mind you, this is primarily with preschool age children. I think that we need more information about languages that do not have a similar symbol system to English." What does the symbol system have to do with stuttering? Or English, for that matter? Braille is an entirely different symbol system than the roman alphabet used to encode English, but that does not imply that a study is required comparing blind stutterers and sighted stutterers would be statistically different based on the symbol system used. Could you clarify perhaps how a study of languages with different symbol systems would provide any sort of significant insights to stuttering?

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