Stuttering and Bilingualism in Children and Adults

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Stuttering and biligualism

From: Alaina Mishal
Date: 20 Oct 2008
Time: 18:32:14 -0500
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I really appreciate this article because as a simultaneously bilingual person that wouldn't be able to communicate with some of my family members if I didn't speak a second language, I know how important it is to conserve one's native language. I understand why multi-lingualism would be a concern for other language disorders, but I am a little surprised that is a concern in the realm of stuttering. Regardless of what language treatment is conducted in, aren't most treatments meant to eliminate or minimalize dysfluencies in general? wouldn't it be expected that if someone finds that they are successful in eliminating dysfluencies by whatever means that they would generalize it to every language that they use? I was just wondering what it was that caused for the concern that speaking more than one language may affect fluency? Was it just a concerned parent looking for an answer or was there some data that may have implied this?

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