Choral Reading and Great Speeches

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Re: Choral Reading vs. Reading Aloud alone

From: Judy Kuster
Date: 07 Oct 2011
Time: 18:20:40 -0500
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That is an interesting question. My intent in my nugget was to combine them both, since both are suggested as fluency enhancers. There are some people who stutter who find reading especially difficult because sounds and words they normally would avoid are there on the paper in front of them. I really don't know it this type of avoidance behavior occurs for them when reading out loud alone. My guess is for many it wouldn't, but it would be interesting to ask some people who stutter who typically stutter more when they read. I also don't think reading chorally with another person is a "confidence builder" as much as the voices sort of meld as if it is one person reading - not two individuals reading together, and the forward moving of that "one person" is good practice in giving the feeling of fluency.

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