Choral Reading and Great Speeches

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Rehearsing for public speaking

From: Alan B
Date: 10 Oct 2011
Time: 14:45:31 -0500
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Hi Judy, I practise many of my speeches aloud while standing in front of the bathroom and bedroom mirrors. This allows me to maintain eye contact (albeit with myself) thus simulating a real-life public speaking environment where I systematically connect with members of the audience. Recording a speech on a digital voice recorder enables me to gauge exactly how the speech sounds, as well as giving me an approximation of the timing. As the spoken word differs from the written word, I feel it is important to listen to myself speaking in this manner so that I know how it comes across to the audience. This often results in me substituting (what I consider to be) more appropriate vocabulary. Another benefit of recording a speech is that when we listen to it, repeatedly, our mind becomes familiar with the content and nature of delivery. You may well remember the occasion on which I successfully resorted to choral speech while giving my wedding vows. Interested parties may wish to check it out via the following link: Kindest regards Alan B

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