Choral Reading and Great Speeches

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Great Paper and Resources

From: Pamela Mertz
Date: 15 Oct 2011
Time: 21:13:07 -0500
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Great stuff, Judy! But of course - I wouldn't expect anything less. Like others who stutter, reading aloud is not my favorite thing to do. I struggle when having to read prepared words or script, or calling names out in a ceremony or other similar "structured" event. Even when I am alone, like at home perhaps recording something for my podcast, I can stutter while reading aloud. I am much more comfortable with extemporaneous speaking, as you have seen once or twice when I have spoke at NSA workshops. I will admit I have never really intently tried choral reading, or practicing reading aloud in a mirror. I guess it's because I no longer have the mindset that I am flawed (well, most of the time) that I wouldn't see this as an effective use of my time. But for those who do find themselves needing to practice to gain more control or fluid speech, I can see where this might be another tool in the tool box. I find that more and more, as I fully accept my stuttering and just stutter, that I am mostly free from the desire to find a fix. But I still have those times when shame creeps back in and I get the physical tense reactions. I recognize that I still need to work on acceptance, warts and all, on a daily basis. But for me, reading aloud is not one of the tools I'd grab for. But this was interesting nonetheless, because I am like a sponge and love to soak all this stuff up! ~Pam

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