Three Songs by Kids Who Stutter

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The power of performance

From: Ginger West
Date: 16 Oct 2012
Time: 10:42:06 -0500
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Thank you for sharing these beautifully made and inspiring videos. As a former student of theatre and a current student of speech-language pathology, I have deep appreciation for the work you do – and the work the kids in your program do. I am a huge advocate of theatre and performance as educating, empowering and confidence-building forces – for kids – and for everyone. In my fledging study of fluency issues, I’ve read about concerns with “demand” or “pressure” speech where children who stutter are put on the spot with public speaking tasks. It can be so different when children are offered a safe space to perform their own feelings and their own words. I’m grateful to know that you are offering this wonderful opportunity to kids who stutter. The stage is a powerful place to plant your feet and find your voice. Do you find that your kids tend to favor particular kinds of performance over others (plays, musicals, music videos, poem performance, dance…)?

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