Recent developments in the Cluttering Severity Instrument (CSI)

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Re: Standardized training system for clinicians

From: Klaas Bakker, MSU, Springfield MO.
Date: 20 Apr 2010
Time: 23:31:31 -0500
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Cluttering is not as discretely observable as for example stuttering. For example, unlike "stutterings" it is difficult to envision what would be "clutterings". So, it will be necessary for the clinician to make "judgment calls" more often when attempting to identify those parts in speech that are considered cluttered. To help clinicians development judgments skills reliably and the same way when comparing the results of one clinician to another one, it seems necessary to develop this judgment process relative to model judgments made by a group of clinicians/specialists with much experience in judging cluttered speech. FInding good exemplars representing cluttering at different severity levels, and also finding expert clinicians to provide their judgments, is obviously something that is going to need time and probably a multi-institution effort.

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