Recent developments in the Cluttering Severity Instrument (CSI)

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Thank you!

From: Leanne S.
Date: 21 Apr 2010
Time: 19:15:54 -0500
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Hi. I am student currently in a fluency class and when we talked about cluttering we learned about how hard it is to measure, so this is very exciting to know that something is being developed to make it more uniform. As you said, " The fact is that clinicians are now treating cluttering with minimal means to measure it." Thank you for working on this and posting this information! At the end, you asked, "Is it acceptable to develop a measure of cluttering severity while the specialization hasn't completely settled on a specifically defined diagnostic classification?" I think this is a difficult issue, but cluttering varies and new diagnostic classifications will arise undoubtedly no matter when this is done. I think having something like this to diagnostically measure will help this process and help us better understand cluttering - because it will give clinicians something to assess with, and if the client has a new classification, that can then be addressed. Cluttering severity should be based on perceptually driven strategies rather than objective quantifiable approaches

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