Questions Raised About Cluttering Definition

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Re: Thank you and Question

From: Ken St. Louis
Date: 17 Apr 2010
Time: 10:55:14 -0500
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Dear Carol, Thanks for the question about rate. I'm glad to see that Klaas Bakker and I presume Florence Myers have already weighed in on this. I won't reiterate what they have said except to indicate that I agree with what they have said and that perceived faster than normal rates in those who clutter may not always translate into objectively-determined higher numbers for syllables per minute, syllables per second, and so on. Still, in recent work, we have found that this appears to be the case in conversation much more than in diadochokinetic tasks or in imitation. In the LCD definition listed above and previous version published elsewhere, the cluttering person must be perceived to manifest excessively rapid rate, excessively irregular rate, or both. And then either or both of these must further be accompanied by other symptoms we listed. In other words, the current LCD definitions presume that rate disorders are central to cluttering and may well reflect that the speaker is really exceeding his own capacity to manage the rate, as Florence Myers, Klaas Bakker, Larry Raphael and I hypothesized.

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