Questions Raised About Cluttering Definition

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question for david and ken and anyone else

From: Kathy Scaler Scott
Date: 17 Apr 2010
Time: 14:15:46 -0500
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Given that the LCD definition allows for cluttering to occur sporadically, if the cluttered speech occurs only occasionally, and the person identifies themselves as a person with cluttering, are they "diagnosable" or on the spectrum? I know that many with many with cluttering may not be aware (athough I often think that they may be aware that something is different about their communication, if nothing else than by the reactions of others, but they don't have a label for it), but in this case I am saying that a client comes to you and they experience cluttering symptoms only sporadically, but would label themselves a person with cluttering...are they? or are they on the cluttering spectrum?

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