Questions Raised About Cluttering Definition

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Re: Understanding Cluttering

From: Yvonne van Zaalen
Date: 18 Apr 2010
Time: 06:11:44 -0500
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Dear all, It is so interseting to read about everyone's ideas, thoughts and concerns about defining cluttering.I would like to thank everyone for their willingness and openness to discuss the definition of cluttering. What I do miss in the discussion is the fact that the prevalence of cluttering and cluttering-stuttering in a population of people with Down syndrome is much higher than the prevalence of pure stuttering. So what is the influence of intelligence on the definition of cluttering? Another point I like to adress is in which speech situation cluttering can be diagnosed. Is it enough to record the persons speech in the clinic or is it necessary to make recordings outside the clinic and even when the client is not aware of the recording to 'catch' the cluttering behaviour. And my final point: subtyping in cluttering is essential to understand it. Subyping based on the audible/perceptive symptoms: difficulties in building up sentence structures (resulting in disfluencies and pausing errors) building word structure (errors in syllable form or syllable order; telescoping). i am very interesed how you respond to these issues?

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