Questions Raised About Cluttering Definition

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Re: question for david and ken and anyone else

Date: 18 Apr 2010
Time: 06:58:10 -0500
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Really interesting point Kathy. I will leave Ken to respond regarding the LCD perspective, but the idea of a cluttering spectrum offers a way around this until such a time as, a) we finally decide what is and (more difficultly), what is not cluttering, and b)we have some objective measurements as to what might be considered within normal limits for the behaviours that are implicated in the diagnosis. As I have said, I think that is going to be particularly problematic for the study of cluttering. My argument is that many of us make cluttering-like errors from time to time - what isn't clear is how many 'cluttering-like errors' must be made to be regarded as 'being cluttering?' This of course begs the reverse question - what consititutes 'within normal limits?' So to get back to Kathy's point, I guess my response would be that's difficult and perhaps impossible to say at the moment. In fact, my own particular issues are a case in point. My cluttering symptoms, which I would decribe as meeting the LCD definition, are only obvious at certain times - usually when it's late, I am tired and I am speaking 'off the record'. I am particularly at risk when there are time pressures and I am trying to multitask when I have a number of pressing issues things on my mind. When speaking at those times, I and those around me get a very clear view of my cluttering, but otherwise I am pretty fluent. Would this count as sporadic? Possibly. Again though, we come back to the earlier point, of what constitutes 'within normal limits'. David

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