Questions Raised About Cluttering Definition

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Re: Incidence and Prevalence of Cluttering

From: Ken St. Louis
Date: 19 Apr 2010
Time: 16:39:54 -0500
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Hi Andrea, I would suggest that your dad might clutter and stutter. No, when I mention "normal disfluencies," I do not mean the typical stuttering disfluencies you list (i.e., part-word repetitions, prolongations, and blocks). Instead, I mean revisions, fillers, hesitations, etc. As for the question about the statement about "there is little argument that...," I'm quite sure that it is intended to communicate that "most people agree that..." I don't think either of your interpretations is what was intended. The statement indicates that most agree that cluttering DOES coexist with the listed disorders. Also, whereas SLPs may argue about which disorders coexist with cluttering, I've never heard anyone argue that it typically occurs alone. Thanks for the questions. Ken

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