Questions Raised About Cluttering Definition

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Re: Understanding Cluttering

From: Florence Myers
Date: 20 Apr 2010
Time: 09:45:59 -0500
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Yes, David, my theoretical and clinical sense has always leaned toward the perspective that cluttering--as a multidimensional phenonmenon-- has a systemmic motivator that is exhibited variously depending on loci of vulnerability. At the Bulgarian conference, I used the analogy of a subterranean earthquake (as a metaphor to the drive to "surge/erupt" and going faster than one is capable of handling). Depending on where the "fault line" resides (i.e., areas in the communication system with higher vulnerability), one sees symptoms--variously, at the motoric or linguistic arenas. The "deep structure" of the linguistic faultline may be a difference in executive functions of the brain so that the PWC is trying to manage too many thoughts concurrently and does not take the time, nor have the fascile skills, to organize them....thus coming forth with dyssynerty of the communicative system. To obtain data for the executive functions, we need to appeal to researchers doing brain function studies. I realize that Weiss' iceberg metaphor gets at similar ideas, but the earthquake metaphor may capture more vividly the volatility of the cluttering system (thus the yin/yang logo at the conference, to indicate in a manner of speaking too much "yang" or unharnessed energy) and addresses only the communication system.

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