Questions Raised About Cluttering Definition

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Re: definition of cluttering

From: Ken St. Louis
Date: 27 Apr 2010
Time: 16:52:23 -0500
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Dear Grace, This is a very important issue. I just spoke about it at the European Symposium on Fluency Disorders three days ago. Clinicians are often most interested in the disorders they see the most, while researchers might be more interested in the commonalities among different disorders, especially those that are quite rare. For me, the real test of who is--and who is not--a clutterer will have to await a large group of "pure" clutterers. Will this solve the problem that clinicians face of having to treat symptomatically? No, it won't. Clinicians have always needed to deal with what their clients present, whether primary disorders, secondary disorders, or something else. My problem with defining cluttering so loosely as that is that cluttering can then be anything someone wants/assumes it to be. For example, would you be willing to accept that anyone with messy handwriting clutters? A solid science of cluttering cannot be constructed on a shifting base like that. That's my opinion. Ken

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