Questions Raised About Cluttering Definition

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Re: Differences between cluttering and stuttering

From: Ken St. Louis
Date: 30 Apr 2010
Time: 15:05:52 -0500
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Hi Andrew, These are good questions that are covered quite well by some of the other authors. I'd suggest you look at Lisa La Salle's presentation. My brochure at the bottom also indicates some of the differences between cluttering and stuttering. I wish now I had talked about that in our "stuttering and voice" class this semester. I won't make a long list here; others have done that. I will say, however, that many of the so-called "classic" differences are beginning to blur as we have more and more information about cluttering. I think the main difference is that clutterers don't typically have that feeling of knowing exactly the words they want to say, but can't say them, as most stutterers have. Some clutterers report not knowing exactly what might come out when they start talking. Look at the post below your from Jessica. Finally, yes, cluttering and stuttering frequently coexist. You'll recall we talked about that with respect to Van Riper's Track II stutterer (who no doubt have a cluttering component). Best, Ken

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